Friday, June 16, 2006

UPFRONT Guaranteed Sponsorship ...$20 free CD Poker

UPFRONT Guaranteed Sponsorship ...
Immediately after you create your PokerInside Account, you will see you
have a Sponsorship available for CDPoker. You must accept this Sponsorship
and we will send $10 to your Neteller account. Once you deposit the $10,
you will receive the rest of your Sponsorship cash directly into your
CDPoker account. This is our free money to you to give you a chance to
impress us.

Deposit Bonuses ...
As a PokerInside member, you automatically qualify for deposit bonuses
that you will never find anywhere else. Please check the Promotions tab in
your account to find out the current Deposit Bonus at CDPoker. Our system
will automatically recognize when you make a deposit that qualifies, and
will tell you how much you have earned from your Deposit Bonus.

Up to 40% RakeBack ...
You will begin with 30% RakeBack by default. As you generate more rake,
you will automatically climb up the Rakeback scale to eventually reach 40%
RakeBack. You can track your playing statistics, as well as how much money
you have earned, in your PokerInside account. You set how often you get
paid. The RakeBack will automatically be paid into your CDPoker account on
your schedule.

Private Tournaments
We hold freerolls and tournaments for our PokerInside members on several
different poker softwares. You will receive email notifications and news
postings in your PI account with details on how to play. Our private
tournaments are created to provide you with extreme value so you always
have an edge.

All the Other Stuff
We try to do a good job of organizing your PokerInside account in a way
that is easily understood and manageable. Login to your account and you
will instantly see all the resoures and benefits that we have to offer.

---200,000 hands played since nov '05---


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