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Protect Your Rights -Email From

June 2006
Protect Your Rights
Dear readers,
You are not alone in your enjoyment of the great game of poker. More than 70 million Americans play poker and roughly 23 million play the game online. An American tradition and a true game of skill, poker is part of the heritage of the United States. From presidents and generals, to Supreme Court justices and even members of Congress, poker has tested the intellect of Americans for nearly 150 years.
Remarkably, if some members of Congress have their way, playing poker on the Internet may soon come to an end, forcing you to fold your hand. Legislation moving through Congress right now seeks to ban Americans from playing Internet poker by deputizing banks and Internet service providers to keep you from accessing poker websites.
You can take a stand to protect your right to play poker and the American way. We encourage you to contact your local Congressman today! You can help turn back Congress' efforts to ban online poker.
Support the efforts of such organizations as the Poker Players Alliance, a growing group of more than 25,000 poker players, who are taking a stand against this legislation and working to promote and protect the game. The Poker Players Alliance is asking Congress to consider a more rational and realistic approach to online poker, one that would create a regulated environment for online play, and similar to what the U.S. government has done for brick-and-mortar casinos.
You can contact your state and local officials through websites such as
Help keep the tradition alive - both online and off.
Sincerely,The PokerListings Team
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