Monday, March 19, 2007

Playing freeroll tournaments to familiarize and educate.

Playing online poker freeroll tournaments is both educational and will help you to familiarize yourself to a particular poker sites software and "feel of play experience". The education is in learning patience, persistance and perserverance. As well as pot odds, spotting player types, betting patterns and bluffing. Learning just these few tools will greatly propel your poker game skill level from novice to intermediate to contender status. Each poker site has it's own particular software -some sites are on shared networks with shared software. But, chances are that you will find a completely different playing experience with every poker room you try. I recommend playing at more than one site if you want to hone your game. Playing freerolls will help get a feel for that new poker site software.
Study pot odds and play by the mathmatical rules of pot odds, this takes some time to learn. But it is time well spent. It will take you from novice to intermediate status once this skill is mastered. Every poker site online has a tool for you to use to comment or categorize players. This tool is usually called players notes. This is where you should scribble any noticed play type characteristics. Such as loose play, tight play, trapper, blind stealer or bluffer. Bluffing is a skill that is really an art. The bluffer must carefully craft a plausible scenario that will induce at least one opponent with a better hand to fold. Sometimes the boldest of bluffers is seeking to scare the entire table off their hands. If you are seen as a regular bluffer your plan may not work so well.
Poker site software is carefully crafted toward the user experience. It is programmed to please the eyes and play smoothly for the user. It is always on a secure network so your money and identity is safe from the prying eyes of hackers. You can choose to play on downloaded software or web based java games. Either is fine. I prefer downloaded software as I run a windows computer. But if you use another operating system you may have to use java games. Especially if you run a linux based system. Mac systems are supported by all the large sites.
Nearly all online poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments to introduce you to their offerings. You should take advantage of these because they are letting you get a real money experience for no cost except maybe time. This time is essential to spend when learning how to play texas holdem. So why not play on their dime? You may even win some money. You may turn these winnings into more winnings. So, I say Play online poker freerolls. Learn the skills necessary to grow your game. And, hopefully I'll see you at the final table.