Friday, August 11, 2006

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Quick strategy for playing freeroll tournaments.

-patience, patience, patience.

First hour, play only premium hands out of position A-A to 9-9, AK suited to 10-J suited, AK unsuited to 10-J unsuited. The latter hands play with great caution. On the button, play all premium hands aggressively, middle hands carefully. In the blinds you can play a little looser with hand selection if nobody raises. Keep your flops seen percentage under 12-13 if possible on the average. If your cards a rushing good then play them. Otherwise you may not have a good hand to play for an entire hour. Don't worry be patient!

-selective aggression.

Second hour, loosen up a bit and take a chance once in a while. Never go all in when you don't have the nuts. Have a goal in mind of playing into the top 10 or 20 places. So, be selectively aggressive. If you have a good hand then be aggressive with it! Keep your flops seen percentage under 15 if possible on the average. Try to get your chip stack 20-40 times the big blinds so as you don't become short stacked. Take as many small pots as possible.

-when opportunity knocks.

Last hour, pay more attention to loose and tight players. The big stack is trying to get bigger and the small stack is trying not to bust out. Look for opportunities to take blinds and try to finish slower than the others risk less than your opponents until you get to the goal of top 10 or 20. Then, get aggressive. Play all premium hands a fast as you possibly can, bet strong. play middle hands strong. And be very careful of potential traps. Traps will get you busted just a bit quicker. So play hard and fast but be wary. Flops seen percentage should still be under 20 if you get good cards often,under 16-17 if your cards are junk.
Good luck at the freeroll tables... -240,000 hands played since nov. 2005-

Friday, August 04, 2006

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