Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bodog Poker Review

Bodog poker flaunts their own bellwether proprietary software, it's design is sleek and packed with features. Bodog's poker software gives the player a sophisticated look and feel with the smoothest game interface to ensure a fast-paced and exciting "Pedal-to-the-medal Play" experience. The network is secure, encrypted and certified by gaming associates.

Bodog averages 1816 real money players on any given day and well over 3000 real money players at peak times. see -

Pro players found here are part of "Team Bodog" include: Jamie Gold 2006 WSOP Champion; Josh Arieh; Evelyn Ng; and WSOP 2006 Stud Champion David Williams.

Founded in 1994, Entertainment, with its head office located in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, is one of the world's fastest growing media and digital entertainment giants.

Bodog Poker offers the usual games: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, Stud, Stud High/Low and 5 Card Stud. You can learn online at the free tables provided by Bodog. The Bodog Cheat sheet will lend you a peak at the best starting hands to play and lingo you will need in order to communicate in online poker chat. Click into Bodog poker school to sharpen up your game skills.

Guaranteed Prize Pool MTTS: Sunday's $100K $100 + $9 buyin -Win your buy-in for as little as $1 or 250 Bodog Poker Points.

Tournament links: Tournament Leader Board World Poker Tour World Series of Poker $100K Guaranteed Daily Tournaments Beginner Tournaments Tournament Types Tournament Rules Tournament Schedule Tournament Structures Live Event Agreement Qualifier Agreement

RING GAMES offered range from limit - no limit, .05/.10 - $30/$60 blinds.

FREEROLLS: 2 Daily $1500 and $500 each...

Bodog's latest promos include:

Looking for some extra Holiday cash?
From now until December 31, 2006, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to convert your poker points into cold, hard cash. Each block of 667 points is worth $10 and points are converted in minimum blocks of $10 up to a maximum of $200. full article join now

Earn a 10% cash online betting bonus on your first deposit.
Each time you reload your online betting account you're eligible for a 10% Cash Bonus.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

"GPWA Approved Portal" seal of approval program is now officially launched and fully operational!

Congratulations to the following sites (and their associated webmasters). (Aksana) (Amateur) (Amateur) (AussieDave) (Big Fish) (Big Fish) (Cash2C) (CasinoMan) (Dbartrop) (Dbartrop) (Deaddog) (Deaddog) (Diceman) (Doolally) (Greek39) (Kwblue) (Kwblue) (Kwblue) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (Mojo) (Mojo) (Nautikitten) (Nautikitten) (Nautikitten) (OneStopGamblingGuide) (SlyCin56) (Rjovi) (Ziggy) (Ziggy)

Information about how to install the seal on your site can be found on the following thread: you are a current GPWA private member, and would like to be a participant in this new program, please pm CityGuard with the URLs of the websites on which you would like to use the seal.If you are not currently a private GPWA member, and would like to become one so that you can participate in the new GPWA Seal of Approval program, please register to become a private member - just click on the "register" navigation item on the top navigation bar, and follow the directions for applying to becoming a private member.Congratulations again to the webmasters of our first 35 approved sites!