Thursday, December 14, 2006

"GPWA Approved Portal" seal of approval program is now officially launched and fully operational!

Congratulations to the following sites (and their associated webmasters). (Aksana) (Amateur) (Amateur) (AussieDave) (Big Fish) (Big Fish) (Cash2C) (CasinoMan) (Dbartrop) (Dbartrop) (Deaddog) (Deaddog) (Diceman) (Doolally) (Greek39) (Kwblue) (Kwblue) (Kwblue) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (MichaelCorfman) (Mojo) (Mojo) (Nautikitten) (Nautikitten) (Nautikitten) (OneStopGamblingGuide) (SlyCin56) (Rjovi) (Ziggy) (Ziggy)

Information about how to install the seal on your site can be found on the following thread: you are a current GPWA private member, and would like to be a participant in this new program, please pm CityGuard with the URLs of the websites on which you would like to use the seal.If you are not currently a private GPWA member, and would like to become one so that you can participate in the new GPWA Seal of Approval program, please register to become a private member - just click on the "register" navigation item on the top navigation bar, and follow the directions for applying to becoming a private member.Congratulations again to the webmasters of our first 35 approved sites!

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