Wednesday, August 01, 2007

35W Bridge Collapse in minneapolis minnesota

35W Bridge Collapse in minneapolis minnesota during rush hour.
At about 6:15pm today. 50 cars dropped into the mississippi river. Cars are still dangling on the bridge.

The span that has split extends from East River Road NE minneapolis to the south side of the river where it connects with washington avenue in the downtown area. Situation described as grim: rescue crews on the scene; many casualties, 6 confirmed deaths so far. This bridge is about 10-15 stories (120ft) above ground and the river.

A school bus reportedly with about 30 children around the ages of 8-10 onboard was involved. This bus did not fall into the river. All children from this bus have been retrieved to safety.

This section of freeway has been under maintenance repairs lately. Built in 1967, the 35W Bridge spans 1987 feet 120 ft above the river, all of it, has now fallen. The unique design featured no pillars running down into the river . To save river traffic impedance the 1987 foot long bridge spanning 487 feet across the river connects to two long piers.

A federal study done in 2001 cites several stress indications...

latest information at WCCO TV mpls., mn.