Monday, November 05, 2007

Online Freeroll Schedule news update

We're updating our freerolls schedules today at
New! Bodog is our #1 featured Freeroll poker site as they offer a $1000 & (2x) $500 freerolls daily. - This is the best daily offering online for freeroll tournaments. Next, all microgaming poker sites have changed their requirements for freeroll entries; You must deposit and/or rake at least 1 hand in the previous 24 hours to sign-up. These sites include Poker Host, Wild Jack poker, pokertime, ladbrokes, poker share and Doyle's Room. As well as 30 other poker skins.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Poker news highlights today.

*Top 10 poker site (Absolute Poker) reiterates it's commitment to excellence for online poker playing community. Absolute poker has paid players that were wrongfully bilked out of thousands of dollars from a former employee. This employee exploited a security flaw in the new 8.0 software that allowed him to see all hole cards in any given hand. This "Super-User" account scam was found by a group of super sleuthing online players at Absolute.

**Bodog Poker Style expects to reach the 1 billion hands milestone, promotions abound.

***Ultimate Bet Poker hits 2 Bad Beat jackpots in 4 hours!




Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Latest online poker room news

Doyle's Room is back!

Doyle's Room poker returns to the US online poker market after a 6-7 month ban for players residing in the USA. Microgaming is their new software platform and network resource. Most of Doyle's room old promotions are still in order, such as The Infamous Bounty Tournaments. They assure us that all returning players will have their accounts intact. Payment processing options include Visa/MC, moneybookers, neteller, firepay and for US players epassporte is the best option. Doyle's Room will have 2000+ real money cash players online at any given time. This number will increase with time. -more on Doyle's room below ***

Bodog Poker
With 2500+ poker players online at any given time, in the news lately is, Or, is it now? This site recently endured a reportly frivolous domain hijacking of it's well branded domain by a former business partner. I must say they did a super job of getting rebranded quickly at - more on this story below...**
Bodog is has launched a new beta version of it's already superior software - get it here

The latest on the Absolute Poker debacle -see link below ****



Wednesday, August 01, 2007

35W Bridge Collapse in minneapolis minnesota

35W Bridge Collapse in minneapolis minnesota during rush hour.
At about 6:15pm today. 50 cars dropped into the mississippi river. Cars are still dangling on the bridge.

The span that has split extends from East River Road NE minneapolis to the south side of the river where it connects with washington avenue in the downtown area. Situation described as grim: rescue crews on the scene; many casualties, 6 confirmed deaths so far. This bridge is about 10-15 stories (120ft) above ground and the river.

A school bus reportedly with about 30 children around the ages of 8-10 onboard was involved. This bus did not fall into the river. All children from this bus have been retrieved to safety.

This section of freeway has been under maintenance repairs lately. Built in 1967, the 35W Bridge spans 1987 feet 120 ft above the river, all of it, has now fallen. The unique design featured no pillars running down into the river . To save river traffic impedance the 1987 foot long bridge spanning 487 feet across the river connects to two long piers.

A federal study done in 2001 cites several stress indications...

latest information at WCCO TV mpls., mn.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Playing freeroll tournaments to familiarize and educate.

Playing online poker freeroll tournaments is both educational and will help you to familiarize yourself to a particular poker sites software and "feel of play experience". The education is in learning patience, persistance and perserverance. As well as pot odds, spotting player types, betting patterns and bluffing. Learning just these few tools will greatly propel your poker game skill level from novice to intermediate to contender status. Each poker site has it's own particular software -some sites are on shared networks with shared software. But, chances are that you will find a completely different playing experience with every poker room you try. I recommend playing at more than one site if you want to hone your game. Playing freerolls will help get a feel for that new poker site software.
Study pot odds and play by the mathmatical rules of pot odds, this takes some time to learn. But it is time well spent. It will take you from novice to intermediate status once this skill is mastered. Every poker site online has a tool for you to use to comment or categorize players. This tool is usually called players notes. This is where you should scribble any noticed play type characteristics. Such as loose play, tight play, trapper, blind stealer or bluffer. Bluffing is a skill that is really an art. The bluffer must carefully craft a plausible scenario that will induce at least one opponent with a better hand to fold. Sometimes the boldest of bluffers is seeking to scare the entire table off their hands. If you are seen as a regular bluffer your plan may not work so well.
Poker site software is carefully crafted toward the user experience. It is programmed to please the eyes and play smoothly for the user. It is always on a secure network so your money and identity is safe from the prying eyes of hackers. You can choose to play on downloaded software or web based java games. Either is fine. I prefer downloaded software as I run a windows computer. But if you use another operating system you may have to use java games. Especially if you run a linux based system. Mac systems are supported by all the large sites.
Nearly all online poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments to introduce you to their offerings. You should take advantage of these because they are letting you get a real money experience for no cost except maybe time. This time is essential to spend when learning how to play texas holdem. So why not play on their dime? You may even win some money. You may turn these winnings into more winnings. So, I say Play online poker freerolls. Learn the skills necessary to grow your game. And, hopefully I'll see you at the final table.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Neteller out, (Bodog) and Add-Funds (Absolute) are now in.

Feb 08, 2007 rjovi Neteller out, (Bodog) and Add-Funds (Absolute) are now in.
As online poker players are scrambling to find new e-money processing sources to add-funds and withdraw them safely from their favorite USA friendly online poker rooms. Two new players have entered the market, Nucharge ( and Add-Funds (
Nucharge works in a similar manner to neteller or epassporte. Load funds with your credit card to Nucharge, then, withdraw to your merchant.
Add-Funds works exactly like Nucharge. Use your Visa or Mastercard to purchase phone cards in $100, $150, $200 and $300 denominations. No setup fee for lifelong membership. No banking information required. Add funds employs a sophisticated multilevel security concept that affords maximum protection.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

US DOJ catches BetOnSports, Neteller: releases Party Poker.

02/03/07 by rjovi
US DOJ catches BetOnSports, Neteller: releases Party Poker. UIGEA causes "no-limit" jellyfish migration, shark bites and whale(ing).

Unlawful internet gaming enforcement act resulted in the arrest of Bet On Sports owners for illegally taking bets from US citizens. 100 days later, Neteller executives are arrested for money laundering; quickly shuts it's doors to US players. How will these actions affect online gaming, it's players and funding options?

Funding options became noticeably scarcer this week as several internet payment processors pulled out of the US fearing action from the US department of justice. Although, these few have remained: Epassporte, Instacash, ewalleteXpress, ATM online, Ecocard and Nucharge. Trying to enroll at these sites can be slow due to an unusual volume of traffic. New payments processors are preparing to enter the US market such as YouTeller (expecting a march '07 launch).

More gaming sites pulled out of the US since the recent Neteller bust. All-In Poker and Mansion have migrated to friendlier waters. Microgaming is an online gaming giant rumored to be leaving soon, possibly.

Affiliates those who promote these gaming sites are worried about being paid their commissions. This has not been a problem yet.

US Players whom have been using Neteller, FirePay, Citadel, Central Coin, Moneybookers, Payspark, Instadebit, and Click2Pay are seeing delays in gaming funds cash-outs. However, all gaming sites report funding to be safe and secure in offshore accounts. These sites may need to issue checks themselves to their players even if this wasn't an option in the past.

You will find more information here as it becomes available...stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Here is a listing of financial processors still available to USA players for the major poker rooms.

Here is a listing of financial processors still available to USA players for the major poker rooms.
USA e-wallet options updated 01/24/07
PaySpark and EcoCard ** **
FTP, UB, Doyle's Room, Poker Stars
InstaCash Doyle's Room, FCP, poker stars
Nucharge Bodog,
FCPPoker Stars – ePassporte, InstaCash
Full Tilt Poker - **CLICK2PAY, ePassporte
Ultimate Bet - **CLICK2PAY, ePassporte,
Bodog - Nucharge **CLICK2PAY,
Doyle's Room – ePassporte, InstaCash
Full Contact Poker – InstaCash,
Roxy Palace Casino - **CLICK2PAY
River Belle Casino - **CLICK2PAY Casino - **CLICK2PAY
**CLICK2PAY :They are not accepting new U.S. customers. Existing U.S. customers can still use their accounts for gambling-related transactions.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bodog Refer a Friend

Bodog Refer a Friend
Earn up to $200 cash for each friend you refer to Bodog Sportsbook, Casino and Poker Room!
After your friends sign-up and deposit a minimum of $20, you'll earn 40% of their first deposit (up to a maximum bonus of $200)!
Click here now to refer your friends.
For one of your referrals to qualify the following conditions must be met:
Referral must deposit a minimum of $20
Only 1 person per household or shared computer can be referred
For full Rules and Regulations Click Here

Saturday, January 06, 2007

65 Sites Awarded GPWA Approved Portal Seal

Congratulations to the following 30 newly approved sites (and their associated webmasters) (Amateur) (AussieDave) (AussieDave) (Badlands) (Bonustreak) (Bonustreak) (Bonustreak) (CasinoGod) (CasinoMan) (CasinoMan) (JackpotCasinoGuide) (Kwblue) (LittleLuLu) (LittleLuLu) (Nautikitten) (Ntaus) (Ntaus) (Ntaus) (Paolino) (SportsBookie) (Squigley) (Squigley) (Matted) (Matted) (Topboss) (Topboss) (Topboss) (Topboss) (Topboss) (Topboss)Information about how to install the seal on your site can be found on the following thread: you are a current GPWA private member, and would like to be a participant in this new program, please pm CityGuard with the URLs of the websites on which you would like to use the seal.If you are not currently a private GPWA member, and would like to become one so that you can participate in the new GPWA Seal of Approval program, please register to become a private member - just click on the "register" navigation item on the top navigation bar, and follow the directions for applying to becoming a private member.Congratulations again to all of the webmasters of our first 65 approved sites!Michael
__________________Executive Director,