Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Freeroll Whoring

I've been playing freeroll tournaments for about nine months now. Stick a fork in me I'm cooked. I'm owned, can't get enough of that sweet leaf that is online poker freeroll tournaments. It's not for the money. It's not for my thrifty bargain hunter mentality. It's not for all the awesome gamely players I encounter banging their heads on the tainted felt. It's not for the endless loop de loop of the coveted button chasing the bankroll busting blinds.It is for the donkey who bets in every position with any posible combination of cards hoping to bust the "bluffer" with his 8-2 off betting that his 3-4-5-6 & 7 will fall before his demon eyes, not necessarily in that order. It is for this ass who may very well win this freeroll tournament with it's 15000 participants. It is for the 67 centavos. It is because this same jackel with be at the $2-$4 experiencing ups and downs of mamouth proportions. It is because I respect the button, the blinds big and small. I enjoy an occasional well played bluff/bluffer. It is because I enjoy the art of pushing the chips in the most efficient manner possible in order maximize the gains and minimize the losses to the oh so nefarious one. It is for that very moment you know you have the nuts and you know how to use them.
---freerolls rock---200,000 hands played since november 2005---Ron aka rjovi,

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