Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Freeroll Poker History

My Freeroll history.
I started playing freerolls at Full Tilt Poker back in november of 2005. Then I tried Bet Fred, Noble,, Titan, Pokerroom and Holdem. By January I found PokerWorld, Bugsy's Club, Eurolinx, Hollywood, Celebrity and Absolute Poker. February's new finds were Bodog, Poker Champs, CD Poker and Poker4ever. Now it's June and I play everyday at Bodog, CD Poker,, Full Tilt, Poker Champs and Poker4ever because these sites have the best freerolls for my needs. Occassionally I still play at all the other sites lest I find a moment when I'm not in a freeroll tournament. Lately, I've been in the money 2-3 or 4-5 times a day, from 30-40% of all freerolls played. So I guess with time this freeroll thing can help a player's game along. 9 months running I'm feeling fairly confident in my game. I hope to report in the near furture that I'm winning these freeroll tournaments. This has yet to be accomplished.

For those of you who are too good to play freerolls. I have just one example for you.Sitting with Chris Ferguson at a $40 Horse or Razz freeroll MTT is quite an experience for me.Rumor has it that "Jesus" turned $1 into $25000 there too.Ooops that was 2 examples..Hehe

Thanks for your replies
Good luck at the tables

---freerolls rock---
---200,000 hands played since november 2005---
Ron aka rjovi, xrjovix

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