Wednesday, June 14, 2006

$1 Million up for grabs at Noble Poker 07/16 use code 20crowns

$1 Million Mania 7/16/2006

For the Standard Signup use code "20crowns"

The kind folks at Noble have sent me some unbelievable deals to share with you fellow poker bloggers.

First, is the $1 Million Mania:

The Million Mania Tournament
Join us at the Million Mania Tournament! Sunday, July 16th, 2006, at 4pm EST. Don't miss out on $ 1,000,000 in Guaranteed Prizes! Win a seat to the to the Million Mania Tournament The Million Mania main event is a special $1,000,000 GP tournament taking place on Sunday, the 16th of July at 16:00. Min players 100 - Max players 1000
Noble Poker wants to send you to the Million Mania!Direct buy-ins to the Million Mania are available for $1000 + $100, but players can also win their seat at one of our daily Multi Table Qualifier Tournaments.
List of satellite tournaments:
Daily Multi Table Qualifier Time: 21:15 ESTBuy In: ($55 + $5)# of seats: 1 for every 20 players that register.
Daily Multi Table QualifierTime: 18:00 ESTBuy In: $27.50 + $2.50# of seats: 1 every 40 players that register. Re-buys available.
Ongoing Sit 'N' Go Satellitefor 10 players.Time: 21:15 MTQBuy In: $15 + $1.5# of seats: first and second places get seats in the MTQ; third place wins $30.
Ongoing Sit 'N' Go Satellitefor 10 players.Time: 18:00 MTQBuy In: ($7.50 + $0.75)# of seats: first and second places get seats in the MTQ; third place wins $15.
Ongoing Sit 'N' Go Satellite for 6 playersTime: 18:00 MTQBuy In: ($5 + $0.50)# of seats: first place gets a seat in the MTQ.
Daily Multi Table QualifierTime: 19:15 ESTBuy In: ($6 + $0.60# of seats: offering one seat in the next day's MTQ at 21:15 MTQ for every ten players.

Secondly, I'd like to share:

NoblePokers' Exclusive $1 WSOP 2006 Qualifier Offer
$1 at Noble can make you millions of $$$'s at the 2006 WSOP!That's right folks: Daily Qualifiers are available for $1+$0, we'llsend you to Las Vegas to play for an estimated $10,000,000 first prize!For just $1 you could be sent to the most popular Poker Event in the World!Don't delay qualify your way to Las Vegas & the estimated $10 Million FirstPrize today!!

And for the Coup de Gras:
For power players!!!
Signup here from freerollinsider then I can get extra bonus money on top of your signup bonus and I can get for you the most competitive rakebacks. For this offer you must signup to Noble with this code "kingme" Freerollinsider/Noble Poker Rackback Offer -email me to discuss
"players will be paid either by 29th or 30th of each month. (One day earlier than the last day). The payment will be calculated from the last time paid – so players will not loose any day in this calculation."

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