Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Poker Players

Hello New Players
I was a new player 6 months ago except for getting terribly beaten at my local card room.
I have learned to play with confidence and the assurance that I now know what I am doing.
My method for learning is to play online free roll tournaments. Play for free -making real $$.

First I suggest playing for play chips at any online poker room. Full Tilt Poker is where I began.

Then sign up for some free roll tourneys. After you have played enough hands you too will feel
that you can play with anyone -anytime - anywhere. This process takes some time maybe 1
month, maybe 6 months. It all depends on if you are a quick study or a slow methodical learner.
Remember the pros have played for 10, 20 or even 30-40 years, so they will always have that
advantage over the new player. But you do still see many new folks climbing the ranks in the pro poker world, most of them have been playing online. Playing online is so much more fast paced than playing at a sit down table. Playing online you can play 3,4,5 games at one time. So you must make decisions quicker than if you were seated at a table. I promise you that, with time, you will become a better and more confident player. I would guess about 100,000 hands is a good start.

-rjovi- --200,000 hands since nov 2005--

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