Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Move your money instantly and easily to where you want it

Playing poker with friends? Picking your fantasy team? With Skrill you can move your money exactly where you need it. You can also send winnings to your bank account.


Why Skrill?

With your free Skrill account you can connect all your payment options and use them without revealing any financial details.
We call it your Digital Wallet, so you can pay safely with your bank account, debit or credit cards or send money internationally.

Stack the Chips in your favour

Whether you're picking your fantasy lineup or playing poker online, with instant transfers and withdrawals you can move your bankroll to wherever you need it, knowing it will arrive immediately.

Send and receive money, instantly

Wherever you're sending money, our great rates and low fees mean your family and friends receive more. You can send money instantly to anyone with an email address.

Shop and pay safely online

Online shopping becomes safer when your bank and credit card details are never revealed. Pay with Skrill and stop having to enter sensitive financial information again and again.

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