Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aced Poker Overview

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Aced Poker represents one of the most unique brands in online poker, combining the outstanding software and player features with terrific branding and a one-of-a-kind VIP program that keeps players interested.

As a part of the Merge Gaming Network, Aced offers its players the world's best poker software. Players can take advantage of mini-mode to easily play at multiple tables at once, and use popular features like Deal it Twice or Rabbit Hunt. The high quality graphics and smooth animations of the client make for an exceptional playing experience for every type of player.

What really sets Aced apart however is Outs, its distinct loyalty program that puts the player in the driver's seat in terms of what achievements they reach and which rewards they receive for their play. Within Outs players can pursue specific tasks, big or small, which award points upon completion. So whether they're "Picking Pockets" (stealing the blinds from the button two cycles in a row) or going "Back to Back" (winning two consecutive hands) your players will have plenty of reasons to keep playing and keep winning.

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